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Check out my full "idea" review. Show More

Tether, claims to be the first stablecoin in the world. We already know that BitUSD was released 7 months before USDT. Show More

Of all the stablecoins out there, I use Tether the most, but that's just because of a lack of better alternatives. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

It is noteworthy to discuss USDT's continued dominance in the stablecoin market, especially following the recent depegging of TUSD, yet another stablecoin. Show More

How do you determine the value of a token? By looking at the USDT price. Tether, the stablecoin, is not equivalent to the dollar, but its value is linked to it. Show More

Tether is one of the pillars of the crypto industry particularly in the stablecoin world, yet USDT FUD seems to be a yearly occurrence. Show More

USDT (Tether) has considerable attention in the crypto realm for its role as a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar. Show More

USDT is primarily backed by RWAs. These assets including $3+ billion worth of precious metals (like gold) and $53+ billion in US Treasury Bills. Show More

That's it, time to go my little Fellow, we'll miss you. As the ETF came up, USDT will loose it's power Show More


As Tether is not a coin to buy for speculation in this review I will compare Tether (USDT) and its closest competitor, USD Coin (USDC), to determine which stablecoin is the better one to use and hold your money in crypto with. Show More


In terms of market capitalization, USDT is currently ranked third just behind Ethereum and Bitcoin which I think tells a lot about the current size of the stablecoin market and how it has evolved/grown so much over the last few years despite various regulatory FUD. Show More

Is Tether FUD legit?

Tether FUD is like pollen allergy; it's cyclical, heavily dependent on external conditions and it really messes you up if you don't have your defences up. Show More


The founding story of Tether and its original team is an interesting one that dates back to 2014 when a trio consisting of: Show More


The breakdown of USDT’s tech stack is actually relatively straight forward but very effective. Show More

One of my favorite stable coin - Tether USD, let's do a micro review on this coin and i will comfortably give it 3 stars. Show More

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