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Hello everyone! Long time no see. Recently, I shared my opinion about the Graph Protocol somewhere in Cyrator and why I believe it's the market leader in data indexing. Show More

"What Google does for search, The Graph does for blockchains."

Subgraphs are the lifeblood of the network. Show More


It seems to me that GRT is great example how to NOT structure tokenomics:

GRT is a work token. Show More

The Graph = 🔥! It's one of early AI crypto gems, 4 stars 🌟. Price-wise, there may not have too much room to grow. Show More


What google does for the web, the Graph does for blockchains.

Outstanding statement along with cutting edge story, branding, VCs, testimonials and publicly showcased list of companies that are benefitting from the network. Show More


The graph is essentially a duplicate ledger based on graph datastructure instead of a sequential database based on timestamps. Show More


4 stars at best. I would have expected more for such a high profile project.

Telegram: Average amount of message. Show More


The marketing is pretty bad overall. The only thing that stands out is their whitepaper, which has a very powerful introduction that anyone can understand. Show More

Very good project with strong team. Might be a bit overpriced temporarily, but the long term should look good as the tec... Show More

It would need a 5% correction to optimal entrance (Risk /Reward) GRT's TA Show More

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