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Enjoy looking at aesthetically well designed website, well communicated content built with a end user in mind

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I particularly like their decentralized launchpad and staking as a service.

For the launchpad, it enables project to launch with less fear than going through centralized launchpad which many of them participate in pump and dumps at expense of the project owners and community of investors. Show More


Their progress is pretty decent. They have several apps that are ready to use and their token has been steadily increasing since their launch in 2020. Show More

I was gonna buy this coin because they're genuine, have some good ready products and their token has been rising steadily for 2 years. Show More

A suite of automated crypto tools like token creation, launch pad, liquidity locking (which they say they invented) and a couple more. Show More


not great marketing, but I'll give them 4 instead of 3 points for their exceptionally genuine style and decently designed apps (apps could also be a lot better). Show More


Telegram is decent with a few dozen messages per day and genuine tech questions.

Twitter is a bit below average. Show More

Very interesting suite of services. Website starts off very generic, but follows up with lots of great products that are ready to use. Show More

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