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VeChain is a secure + battle tested crypto that often goes unnoticed amidst the constant emergence of new + flashy crypto tokens. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Here are some of the key on-chain metrics for VeChain. High failure alert!

  1. Market Capitalization: Show More

VeChain hit the scene in 2017 via Crowdsale with 41% of the Circ sold at an avg price of $0.00072

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Vechain has a leading edge in the supply chain industry. There are a few compelling reasons why the Vechain could be a good investment as follows:

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VeChain has one of the most loyal and engaged community in the space. It is apparent from conversations in the socials that many people have been long term holders and have a lot of faith in the longevity of the project. Show More


I'd like to take you by the hand how the VeChain's progress throughout the years has been. Show More

The main problem facing businesses today in terms of information technology is the need for trust. Show More

The team behind VeChain is the VeChain Foundation, an organization established in Singapore, that manages and maintains this project. Show More

This was the first project that I ever DYOR'd into a few years back, so the sentimental touch will definitely be visible across this micro review

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Nice to see this review being spotlighted. I gave the VeChain team 5 stars two months ago and will give 5 stars as well for this micro review. Show More


VeChains team grew to over 100 employees and has plenty experienced professionals, including their co-founders Sunny Lu and Jay Zhang. Show More


In my opinion, VeChain stands out as a blockchain platform that effectively tackles the challenges of supply chain management. Show More


Yes, for the long-term.

Right now the price is almost at the price point of 3 years ago, and x10 away from ATH. Show More


The success of the Vechain project depends largely on how many partners use its platform. Show More

VeChain stands out in the blockchain space with its focus on supply chain and real-world applications, and it has shown tangible progress in these areas. Show More


I think that the token burning mechanism proofs VeChain's commitment to managing the token supply and potentially benefiting long-term holders by creating scarcity. Show More


VeChain's technology offers a range of applications, one of which is the ability to track and ensure the quality, authenticity, storage conditions, transportation and delivery of various products. Show More


Since we have already had two of our talented Cyrator analysts write great buy reviews for Vechain talking about the fundamental reasons of why and why not to buy $VET I thought I would write everyone a high time frame game plan for this asset based on technical analysis purely. Show More


Supply chains can be complex, and VeChain aims to simplify them. In this explanation, I will break down the "Why," Show More


This looks like a solid buy.

Price is basing above the previous base before the breakout. Show More

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