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One thing the Algorand team are very good at is frequently updating their various socials pages keeping the ALGO community up to date on news and announcements.

On Twitter, the project has over 330k followers, their Facebook page has over 130k followers, and the Telegram channel is quite active as well with some constructive conversations taking place. This highlights to me the strength of the Algorand community and shows also that it is not too much of toxic community like other crypto tribes out there.

The team is also great at providing in-depth technical information to give users a deeper understanding of the project and its goals. One of the communities they have managed to grow well is their developers. They have done this by having a developer portal which easily found on their main site combined with the support of the Algorand Foundation who really back the developers up who are looking to build on Algorand.

While the network and community growth is impressive, the ALGO token performance remains a pain point for the community always seeming to give back any big gains its make. Time will tell how well the tokens price holds up and if it will eventually reward its community with the type of gains the HODLers are after. Show Less

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