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I love crypto, but hate Bitcoin. Ever since I 1st got into crypto, I've never understood why people like Bitcoin so much. I've always seen it as slow, expensive, & inferior when compared to the other cryptos available. Almost anything that BTC can do, another chain or token can do better.

I have come to understand the significance of its unrivaled security & the power PoW has to prevent censorship. However, I see Bitcoin as the biggest scam in the history of crypto.

Imo, Bitcoin was created by bad actors apart of corrupt governments & banks to get people accustomed & excited about using digital payment networks. Governments, banks & regulators across the world want you to use public blockchains like Bitcoin, so that they can track everything you do.

10 reasons Bitcoin is a scam:

  1. Massive centralization of ownership
  2. Limited throughput
  3. Most trading volume occurs offchain
  4. Dev pool is small & centralized
  5. High tx fees
  6. 99% of BTC users KYC to cashout
  7. Liquidity pools are centralized
  8. Limited smart contract functionality
  9. Ordinals threaten network stability
  10. Bitcoin is shadily endorsed & promoted everywhere Show Less


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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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