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They say Bitcoin has more computing power than the top 500 supercomputers combined. Bittensor aims to build a similarly powerful computer network to run publicly owned AI that could rival existing privately held AI.

Bittensor is an open network that allows anyone to contribute computing power. AI developers can deploy their models which can share data and learn from other models on the network. AIs get rewarded the more intelligent they are, which is rated by other AIs based on how useful their responses are.


  • Their chatbot isn't great, their market cap is over 1BN and they're only about 20% into their emission schedule. So it's not undervalued.
  • There's a lot of decentralized computing networks like Dynex, Octa, etc. which all feature AI in their roadmap, so there's a lot of competition.

Bittensor already has a functioning chatbot and a text to image model (img1,2), putting it ahead of its web3 competition. But they are well behind their web2 competition. I don't expect TAO will make any major gains soon due to their high market cap. But it would be a massive deal for both AI and web3 if they catch up to their web2 competition, so I'll hold a bit for the long run. Show Less


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