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Investing in this project is as intriguing as the project, but it might seem a bit complex. Let me simplify it for you.

First, let me emphasize that I find this project a 5-star investment. In fact, I've already invested in it since November 2022.

Please be aware that this is not financial advice (NFA), and you should do your research (DYOR) to comprehend the risks involved. My sharing of this information is not financially motivated. The project is currently in its PreSale phase, with all NFTs minted and available for purchase on OpenSea.

Before delving into the investment approach for this project, allow me to clarify that I won't be addressing the "WHY" you should be investing in Common Wealth. I've written numerous reviews on this remarkable project and its tokenomics, which you can read to form your own opinion.

Now, let's discuss how you can become involved in this project.

First, let's consider the two mintings of the Genesis NFTs:

  • First mint there were 2,000 of the highly coveted Genesis NFT Series 1 ($500 ea.) These more or less sold out when this project was just a whisper between Degens… It was in full stealth mode, no website, no white paper, no deck, no nada! I remember when my buddy told me about it all there was a short video from Kyle ranting about how this will be a gamechanger and I remember thinking to myself… Do I want to drop $500 on some stealth mode NFT in the middle of this bear market?

  • Second mint was over 9 days and a total of 3, 414 Genesis NFT Series 2 ($99 ea.) were minted.

All minting is complete, and if you desire an NFT, you can acquire one on OpenSea. Here's how the values break down:

  • Genesis NFT Series 1 shares 8.80% (88,000,000 $WLTH), translating to 44,000 $WLTH per NFT. This yields a token price of approximately ($500/44K) $0.011363. 💰 💰 💰

  • Genesis NFT Series 2 shares 2.20% (22,000,000 $WLTH), equating to 6,444 $WLTH per NFT. This corresponds to a token price of roughly ($99/6.4K) $0.015363. 💰 💰

  • Additionally, a bonus of 4,400 $WLTH will be awarded to every wallet holding both Gen 1 and Gen 2. 💰 Considering these values, if you own one of each ($500 + $99) / (44K + 6.4K + 4.4K), your price is approaching $0.01.

But wait, that's not all!

Both NFTs can be staked, earning you tokens every 24 hours until the TGE (Token Generation Event):

  • Genesis NFT Series 1 earns 27 $WLTH per day per NFT. 🤑 🤑
  • Genesis NFT Series 2 earns 5 $WLTH per day per NFT. 🤑

Personally, I've gained around 2,700 $WLTH in 90 days and anticipate this to double or triple by TGE, likely driving my token price below $0.01.

And the final piece of this beautiful offer:

Both NFTs offer lifetime revenue sharing:

  • Genesis NFT Series 1 shares 12% of platform profits (divided among 2,000 holders). 💵 💵
  • Genesis NFT Series 2 shares 3% of platform profits (divided among 3,414 holders). 💵

Here are the current prices based on recent sales:

  • Genesis NFT Series 1: 0.39 ETH (~$724)
  • Genesis NFT Series 2: 0.15 ETH (~$278)

Series 1 costs just over 2x more than Series 2, but with Series 1, you get:

  • 6.8x more tokens (44K vs. 6.4K)
  • 5.4x higher staking rewards (27 vs. 5 per day)
  • Significantly higher lifetime earnings.

In conclusion:

The best strategy is to own one of each. The second-best option is to invest in Series 1. The third-best play is to invest in Series 2. Avoid purchasing more than two Series 2 without considering a Series 1 investment, as current prices don't make sense. Feel free to ask any questions by posting a comment. Show Less


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