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The team is actively developing the idea of interchain security, which will make it even easier for anyone to create their own blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem. What is the problem right now?

Imagine you want to launch your DAPP, but you realize that existing blockchains do not fully satisfy your business model, so you need to launch your own blockchain with specific network parameters (block size, transaction sequence, etc.). Cosmos simplifies this from the start by giving you special tools to assemble your blockchain piece by piece, rather than developing it from scratch. But even when you have assembled your blockchain, the next challenge for you is to gather the necessary validators to ensure network decentralization and security. This means that instead of developing your product, you have to simultaneously develop and maintain your blockchain.

This is where Cosmos and its interchain security come in handy. Now the Cosmos blockchain can share its validators with you, thereby ensuring the security of your network at the Cosmos level. How will this work? Instead of searching for new validators, Cosmos node owners will also validate your network by staking ATOM.

  1. It is advantageous for validators as they receive rewards and fees in two networks at once.
  2. New blockchains do not spend a lot of time and effort searching for their own validators.

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