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Crust Token Metrics & Economics

Token Ticker: CRU Initial Supply: 20,000,000 CRU

Token Distribution:

  1. Token Sale: 5,000,000 CRU (25%) In the Private Round, 15% of the sold tokens will be in circulation during the TGE, while the remaining 85% will be locked. These locked tokens will be gradually released over a period of 1.5 years after the mainnet launch. In the Seed Round, all tokens sold will be fully locked and will remain so for six months after the mainnet launch. After this period, they will be unlocked gradually over a period of 1.5 years.
  2. BD & Marketing: 2,000,000 CRU (10%) The Crust Foundation will review working capital requirements every 6 months. BD & Marketing tokens are used for marketing purposes such as airdrops, testnet incentives, and other marketing activities.
  3. Community Development: 5,000,000 CRU (25%) The Crust Foundation will review requirements every 6 months for the community development budget. Tokens for community development will be unlocked as needed, and are used for purposes such as exchange liquidity (CEX and DEX) and similar purposes.
  4. Foundation Reservation: 4,000,000 CRU (20%) Tokens reserved for the foundation are fully locked and will be linearly unlocked over 2 years after the Mainnet goes live.
  5. Technical Team: 4,000,000 CRU (20%) Tokens reserved for the team are fully locked and will be linearly unlocked over 2 years after the Mainnet goes live.

  • The cost allocation of this project is relatively straightforward, consisting of five major categories (Pic #1). The team allocation is relatively high compared to the sale allocation, which is lower than the usual standards of other projects, for example POLKADOT.
  • The Community Development plan has different allocations to being dropped to different groups (Pic #2).
  • The largest amount of unlocks are expected in the first two years (Pic #3, part 1), with only community development and marketing allocations to follow. Since there is no defined time frame, I expect everything to be unlocked after 15 months from TGE. One unusual aspect of the project is the inflation rate. The blue allocation begins with a significant inflation rate of 25% in the first year, which gradually decreases to a more moderate inflation rate of 2.8% after 13 years. This high rate of inflation requires the token to be used in order to maintain sustainability goals.
  • However, it's important to note that the Crust main net was launched in July 2020, which means we are already in the third year of the token release schedule (Pic #3, part 2).
  • Most of the circulation has been unlocked and inflation has substantially decreased, primarily through high staking rewards in the first few years. This is a positive aspect to consider, as staking is a mechanism that transfers value from inactive to active users (Pic #4).

In my opinion, I have a positive outlook on the tokenomics of micro-cap #CRU token. Moreover, I am glad to see its new partnerships in the Polkadot ecosystem. If you have faith in decentralized storage solutions and $DOT*, I strongly suggest you check out Crust Network..

It's important to keep in mind that while strong tokenomics and partnerships are valuable, they're not the only factors that determine the success of a project. There are numerous external factors that are beyond our control and impossible to predict.

*DYOR, NFA (At this stage of the market, I am skeptical about Polkadot.)

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