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The Decubate platform was funded through the sales of 4 rounds of funding:

  • seed: 5% of supply which is nearly all vested at this point
  • strategic: 4.67% of the supply
  • private: 2% of the supply
  • public: 2.33% of the supply Total supply that was bought: 14% only, that's usually not what I like to see, however 50% of the supply is kept in the treasury and in the community rewards, so technically speaking since those require voting to be allocated and distributed I believe it is not horrible, as they can release them slowly to prevent massive burst of dilution.

It's not clear to me why advisors needed to get 5% while the team itself only had 12$, are the advisors really that critical for the business?

Most tokens don't have revenue streams, at least Decubate does, which is a big plus.

Currently most of the token vesting has already occured, so the worst is over. The question is with a current market cap of $12M can they really scale? I had never heard of their launchpad before, or any of their services, and they have been on the market for nearly two years, so can they really increase their visibility without massive injection of funds? On the other hand, there are currently active projects raising on their launchpad, and looks like many projects are able to raise their full rounds on the platform, so that's great.

I may become a client, I've requested a demo to check out their services. There is something interesting in a DAO for software development and technology infrastructure that I could be part owner, especially since the market cap is low. I don't think it will 1000X anytime soon, but at least it should grow decently during the next bull run.

You can check the attached liquidities and info from pancakeswap. In this particular case I don't worry too much about the fully diluted valuation since the DAO say they will vote on further distribution of tokens from the reserve, etc. However, the $3.48M in circulation is problematic considering the liquidity pool is only $318K, so there could be massive spike of volatility. Fortunately, if they generate periodic income that if used to buyback, that should limit the amount of sellers hopefully since they probably want to wait until the next bull run to cash out gains. Volume of transaction is low so from a yield farming perspective that's a ~0.04% passive income per day ($13.8*1%/$318.4)... yield farming of only 15% per year if the price doesn't collapse again, however assuming there is no real massive upside on the token price, then yield farming could make more sense, or using grid bots to generate income from the sideway market, while still putting to work your token collateral. Show Less


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