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DOPEX and its cutting edge tech caught my attention especially based on @vovj_p7 very well written review, especially its comparison to Robinhood sort of aspirations, but in DeFi.

As a result of carefully examining the discord, I came to the following conclusion:


As I have interacted with dozens of discord channels, I can tell that DOPEX can be in the top 3 that I have enjoyed. Developing structured discord channels requires both strategic thinking as well as a vision to ensure enjoyable experience and easiness with which users can find the needful.

The Elegance of Strategy

The Notion page left me blown away after reading, checking, and picking the basics of the project.

The amount of work, thinking, awesome teamwork, easy to follow instructions, FAQ sections are just seamless, being a notion user myself i usually spend hours trying to perfect my and our team's pages. And I can tell you, it's not as easy as it sounds; connecting dots takes brutally clear minded thinking, especially when working with others or sharing info.

Kudos and Bravo to DOPEX for the amazing work. : ​​

Token Gated Roles

One of the applause deserving approaches the team has undertaken is to create token gated roles, Essentially, token gating allows projects to reward people who hold their NFTs by creating exclusive content, events, and other benefits (event tickets, airdrops, and merchandise) available only to token holders.

Education First

While Notion provides all the answers for those interested in the project, team is heavily invested and involved in helping newbies and existing ecosystem participants in making their journey as seamless as possible, furthermore tons of content published on their blog shared thru all social media networks is the great manifestation, generating content is one part of the challenge that is quite challenging and time consuming, and yet, team`s hard work is the manifestation how committed they are in making DeFi even more accessible.

The sense of Belonging

DOPEX ensured to put community first and create sense of belonging, support, providing guidelines, and nothing can be better when a community member helps the other community member(s) with their needs, more than than, Craigslist type of categories listed on their discord makes it easy for everyone find their common interests and start chatting with each other, simple and yet great way connecting users. Show Less


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