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I would rate this project with 3 stars, as the tokenomics appear solid, but not entirely aligned with my preferences.


  • The diverse allocation towards ecosystem development (53.18%) demonstrates a strong commitment to expanding the project's ecosystem, potentially attracting more users and partners.
  • Allocating 13.08% to community rewards, including NFTs and other incentives, is positive for fostering an engaged and active community, which many projects struggle with nowadays.
  • The allocation of 7.50% for market maker support is excellent, indicating support for liquidity and trading on the platform, which can attract traders and enhance liquidity.

Neutral: I remain neutral on the 4-year vesting period for the team and early investors. It seems standard and sufficient, not particularly special.

Cons: My main concerns are the 18.54% allocation to ecosystem partners and the relatively high 19.32% allocation to the core team. The partner allocation lacks clarity regarding who these partners are and what they will contribute to the project.

Conclusion: I might be a bit critical, but I would give it 3 stars. While there are no glaring issues, I believe the allocation could be more balanced. I understand it's related to their earning model not involving commissions, but it does concentrate a significant amount of power for their tokens, and this contradicts the idea of a decentralized exchange imo. Show Less

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