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Hashflow is a decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades.

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$HFT is the primary cryptocurrency of Hashflow, a decentralized exchange supported by the RFQ pricing model. Show More


I like their integration with MoonPay. It enables purchasing crypto using a debit or credit card. Show More

Following the FTX crash, a shift in user sentiment towards DEXs has become evident, and Hashflow is has benefited from this trend. Show More

Hashflow Progress is good, their metrics are steady and since its inception in April 2021, the project was funded with $28.2 million dollars (image1) Show More

Hashflow is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that enables fast trading across top blockchains. Show More

There's not too much innovation going on imo. They're replacing AMMs with PMMs (professional market makers) in order to get a guaranteed swap price and they're supposedly doing bridge-less cross chain swaps. Show More


I would rate this project with 3 stars, as the tokenomics appear solid, but not entirely aligned with my preferences. Show More


In a nutshell, Hashflow offers zero slippage, no commissions, and MEV-protected trades. They also assure that the displayed price is the actual market price and remains unchanged once you complete a trade. Show More


The team's diversity and experience are the strong points in Hashflow. Having members with backgrounds in the web2 and web3 technology, as well as expertise in aerospace, finance, and law, is great for a project operating at the intersection of these fields. Show More

This looks terrible.

First 2 things on the top of the homepage...

  1. They claim that you can: Show More


  • Homepage looks good with all relevant information up top and easy to understand.
  • $11Bn trading volume segmented by chain up top
  • Good partners and investors
  • Great dashboard section at the bottom of the page. Show More
  • Active Twitter, slightly above average.
  • Lots of very boring videos on their YouTube
  • Discord: Show More

Cross-chain DEX. Overall quite good. The website is easy to understand and to the point. The Docs (no whitepaper) is very well structured and easy to understand. Show More

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