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I've mentioned it before: 5-star reviews, in my opinion, represent perfect ideas executed flawlessly, with no further improvements needed. While this isn't a 5-star review, it's the closest I've come. Let me explain why.

Firstly, RWAs will be a part of our future. This isn't a fleeting trend like the hottest gaming chain or meme chain of the moment; it's a genuine, sustainable use case.

Secondly, regardless of a platform's UX/UI, the tokenization of real estate is a complex process. It involves decentralizing ownership and navigating compliance, which is murky in most markets and a lengthy process in many jurisdictions. Even as these issues improve, do you, as a token holder, want the potential liabilities of owning the asset?

Enter L.I.B.E.R.T.U.M.

There's a key component in their whitepaper that many have overlooked, likely because it isn't thoroughly explained on the website: "Tokenization of Right to Rental Income."

If Libertum adopts a model where property owners can create a more liquid real estate market without the need to tokenize the property itself, we could have a game-changer. This approach simplifies the onboarding of properties and is likely why they emphasize "⚡ Speed to Market – List in weeks (not months), avoid traditionally expensive bureaucratic real estate processes" on their website.

The project is currently listed only on a DEX and has a $2M market cap, indicating a massive potential upside.

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