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MakerDAO has recently taken steps to penetrate deeper into the Real World Assets (RWAs) market. 50 million USD worth of assets under the Real World Asset (RWA) portfolio have been added to the DAI escrow fund. This amount of assets was cumulatively supported through the BlockTower Andromeda unit on September 7 as fig 1

Besides this, the Steakhouse advisory unit also just announced the proposal in MakerDAO's forum. This proposal aims to create a tokenized product for Government Bonds as fig 2

Specifically, this solution aims to establish an off-chain ETF under the management of MakerDAO. In parallel, a tokenized version will operate on the blockchain and promote support activities as collateral on Aave if needed.

The Steakhouse team said that this direction will bring transparency, minimize accounting complications as well as create an easier deposit and withdrawal market to stablecoins (instead of traditional deposits and withdrawals).

The proposed amount of test assets for the above solution will be 100 million USD.

If you do not know about RWA, I would recommend you read my blog here to understand this movement from Maker team. Show Less


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