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MakerDAO has recently taken steps to penetrate deeper into the Real World Assets (RWAs) market. Show More


To protect against the crypto market’s extreme volatility stablecoins were created. However they tend to be issued by a centralized organizations with the promise that 1 issued stablecoin will be backed by 1 USD in the bank. Show More

Trending over the last week, Maker (MKR) is another project that has come onto my radar. Defi and lending seem well poised to perform well in the next bull run so it might be smart to bear these types of projects in mind (NFA). Show More

The other day, while swapping out of a position back into stablecoin, I had a flashback of DeFi Summer when I'd find myself debating with friends, anons and randos about which stablecoin was best. Show More


I wrote some recent posts about how the MKR price has been soaring due to some exciting developments and changes to the MakerDAO ecosystem, so I would've expected that the usual marketing channels like the website and Telegram to have people shouting from the rooftops about the news. Show More

Maker is a DeFi lending platform that makes use of ERC-20 tokens as collateral in order to mint and create $DAI - a stablecoin pegged to the dollar. Show More

MKR's value relies on growing Dai adoption. Risky and interesting.. 😉

Maker is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain for managing and trading Dai. Show More


Maker (MKR) has posted impressive gains of 44% in 7 days and 9.1% in 24 hour . It is 84.22% down from the ATH of $6,292.31 in May 2021 and 489.62% up from the ATL of $168.36 in March 2020. Show More

Maker is a decentralized lending and borrowing ecosystem known for its transparency and reliability. Show More

The Endgame Plan is a comprehensive plan to reform Maker, with the most important change being to split the DAO into small parts called SubDAOs, each of which takes on a specific task and generates a corresponding governance token. Show More

MakerDAO (Maker) is a pioneering decentralized finance (DeFi) project that addresses the volatility and centralization concerns associated with stablecoins. Show More

Maker is an experiment into the possible future of crypto DeFi and all eyes are on it. If DAO/DeFi stands a chance of success the community size needs to grow and be enough to stop it from collapsing in on itself. Show More

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