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Drop of the meme token PEPE by 15%

Over 16 trillion tokens from the multi-signature wallet PEPE were sent to addresses associated with Binance, OKX, and Bybit.

What exactly happened? 16T PEPE (~16 million dollars) were sent from the multi-signature wallet PEPE with the address 0x5BdEA820293689B77FA8e83b1E3D58B27B5ce9BA to the address 0xa34B091932D9c9ffcFF254c9Aa1B4210C81F2EA0. The funds were then sent to four addresses, one of which, 0x26E1A4efc77B3FE3272C79c5ab66972a0C86DA81, sent PEPE tokens worth 8.5 million dollars to the OKX exchange.

Instead of requiring confirmation from five out of eight wallets, now only two out of eight are required.

We can reasonably expect increased volatility for $PEPE, as the 16 million dollars that the developers sent to themselves from the multi-signature wallet will most likely be sold!

It seems that there has been an unusual movement of tokens from the PEPE wallet, potentially affecting its value. The reduced requirement for wallet confirmations may have facilitated this transfer. As a result, PEPE's value could experience increased volatility in the near future. Taking into account previous performance, I would avoid buying this token now. Show Less


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