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LMFAO how do I even put this; the era of DOGE and SHIB is over, and PEPE's here for the stay. If you've been a memelord for as long as the internet is around, Pepe's the token you've been waiting for. What makes PEPE a genius is their full-on meme approach which is reflected literally everywhere in their roadmap LOL.

Now guess what? Their roadmap even has Pepe academy and Pepe tools. I bet thats what most memecoins don't even have. Can't wait to get hands on Pepe merch tho.

Meme aside, the community's of cuz another meme community, making PEPE rather a pump n dump token for the most. It's just another whole to the moon we've seen with every other memecoins over the years for the LOLs, then it'll just fall hard since everyone might eventually start shorting it.

As much as I wanna call this a god-tier project, PEPE is just another memecoin built around entertainment purposes only and the community sends the chart either ways. If you're in for the fun of it, it'd definitely be a meme ride, but if you're all for seriousness or new to the space? yea, don't look into PEPE.

I'm just hoping Matt Furie somehow bags PEPE and sends it to the moon, just like what Elon did to DOGE lol. Show Less

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