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Privacy Coins - When is the comeback ?

Not long ago I wrote about DarkFi and with that, how censorship strengthens the privacy thesis.

Let's see the news.

->Samourai Wallet, a privacy solution for BTC that had over four years of life had It's Founders Arrested and Charged With Money Laundering . ->Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev got in jail for money laundering. -> Binance Delisted Monero ->Also, all the Monero exchanges are writing (to comply with the law), in the 'extradata' field, markers that can make the transaction more easily traceable. (And maybe that was some of the outcomes on the FluffyPony unexplained and forced arrest about three years ago) Well.. you can understand where we're going, ain't ya?

How do we invest with it?

The private coins sector started to acquire more capital flows lately and it might start a full Privacy Cycle in the next 12 months.

Pirate Chain (ARRR) had a 100% return in the last 30 days DERO is also getting inflows (even though the altcoin landscape plummeted and started to crawl back)

My personal list for the sector XMR ARRR ZEC Rail (thanks Jeppopo) DERO DUSK ROSE XHV ? Only if it breaks a dollar (because of the shitty tokenomics and a lot of investors with depegged XUSD) Show Less


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