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Rollbit is the biggest web3 casino with a fully diluted market cap of close to $600M and I would make the bold claim that during the next bull market, we could see a market cap of $30B being reached.

Look at the analytics, and understand that "revenue from Casino (10%), Sportsbook (20%) and 1000x Futures (30%) will be used to buy and burn RLB on a daily basis.". Rollbit made $39.6M of revenue last month, and currently traded at a P/E ratio of 1...(very much undervalued). So, in that last month, burning from Casino revenues were $2.6M, $2.5M from Future's income, and $1M from Sports revenues, that's about 51M RLB taken out of the market in 1 month on a 5B total supply? These numbers must be wrong, I'd be happy if another analyst could double check, as this would imply massive deflationary pressure.

Why is this tokenomics model better than anything else? Let's take an example like STEPN, where 99% of users aim to make more money than they spend, so the entire economic model fall on itself, meanwhile casino's are known to be filled with users that lose more than they earn, so it's the entire opposite. It is entirely possible to reward a small fraction of users with large returns, while most lose, but the one that do not lose is the house, in which case the house are partially the token holders. I'm not a gambler, but I have no problem profiting from those who love to gamble. I'm only afraid of the technology and regulatory risk of this project. The crypto market is filled with crypto degens that buy into meme coin for the exact purpose of gambling, so I have no doubt that the GambleFi narrative is here to be a massive success come the next bull run. Show Less


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