Rollbit is a crypto casino built on the Ethereum blockchain, presenting games and sports betting options and NFT functionality


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I think gambling and trading don't go together. Recent events involving Beaxy, a centralized exchange that has ceased operations due to allegations of the founder misusing company funds for gambling, underscore this incongruity. Show More

1000x leverage trading, surely not? This is basically gambling you say? Well in that case why not just combine a 1000x futures crypto trading platform with a thrilling online gaming casino? Show More

Disclaimer : I do NOT promote gambling in any form, even though I love to gamble.

This project has managed to combine casino-like gambling and sports betting with x1000 leverage trading and buy/trade/gambling/take loans against NFTs with impressive revenues. Show More

Rollbit Keeps their good work a continuous 20 week transparent revenue numbers on their dashboard. Show More


Rollbit is the biggest web3 casino with a fully diluted market cap of close to $600M and I would make the bold claim that during the next bull market, we could see a market cap of $30B being reached.

Look at the analytics, and understand that "revenue from Casino (10%), Sportsbook (20%) and 1000x Futures (30%) will be used to buy and burn RLB on a daily basis.". Show More

While many know Rollbit as a trading platform that offers significant (and somewhat irresponsible) leverage of up to x1000, It is actually a full-fledged casino with traditional gambling games including popular ones like roulette and blackjack. Show More

There are 3 big risks when it comes to this type of website:

  1. Regulatory risk - Will regulators put them out of business? Show More

Rollbit is a multifaceted platform that successfully merges cryptocurrency trading, gambling, and NFTs. Show More


Is $RLB worth a buy? I believe it is and I will explain why, but there are some important factors to keep in mind first. Show More

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