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I like the idea behind this project. I give to this project 5 starts for technology as I see some problems that they are trying to solve. Show More


My sentiments regarding Arweave are a blend of positive thoughts and lingering reservations. Show More

Amidst the competitive landscape of data storage solutions, I hold Arweave's transparency in high regard. Show More

I want to give this SIX stars and an A+++... I'm surprised it didn't rate higher, but other reviews seem to be more theoretical so I hope this applied perspective is helpful! Show More


I find Arweave's technology to be truly captivating and extremely well thought out. It is considered a blockchain, however it uses its technology slightly different in its implementation compared to others. Show More

I don't see how this can possibly work.

First, why would you want permanent storage? See the image below. Show More

I'm a bit neutral on this one.


  • interesting use case with the data storage
  • web page hosted on blockchain

Show More

With the continuous and rapid expansion of data and information, the demand for permanent storage solutions I think will continue to grow significantly in the coming decades. Show More

I had the personal chance of working closely with an Arweave project in the ecosystem that revolves around privacy-preserving personalization and, to put it mildly; Arweave has solid ground. Show More

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