This project is undoubtedly quite innovative. Given the rapid growth of IoT, it's encouraging to see them addressing challenges within this burgeoning field. What sets Aydo apart is its integration with web3 and blockchain, which is a fresh approach and I have not seen many attempt this thus... More

If I see AYDO, I think of their solution as an old-school universal remote control, but for all IoT devices that are compatible with it.

I recall how annoying it was when I worked at the electronics store, and those remotes could randomly turn off TVs. Anyway, I have a similar concern about the... More

Aydo provides web3 integration for IoT devices for smart buildings. Finally, a project that is different and more innovative. I've seen purely web2 IoT infrastructure companies generate massive revenues just collecting and transforming data for oil pipeline back to the owner... More


Decentralized Physical Infrastructure platform

Bridging IoT to Web3: Empowering Data Ownership and Monetization.

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