Their deck is not great. There's not much flow and you have to piece together the information. However, I'm giving them 4 stars for having a finished product that looks good and has already made sales. Although i don't like the styling of their deck, I do kind of like their "roll up your sleeves... More


🌟🌟🌟 BeezTrip: A Blockchain-Driven Revolution in Travel 🌟🌟🌟

BeezTrip, established in March 2023 and is backed by Valuable Capital Group. With 88 successful flight bookings and $70,000 in revenue, it's a venture that aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world... More


The BeezTrip startup was founded in March 2023, and is backed by Valuable Capital Group. The platform aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world transactions by providing the purchase of flight tickets using cryptocurrency. With 88 successful charters and $70,000 in funding,... More


I appreciate how straightforward it is to connect your web3 wallet with Beez Trip's website and book a flight seamlessly. Their successful beta launch is a reassuring sign, reinforcing the fact that their product is already operational.

Currently, the platform's user interface leaves room for... More


Web3 Travel Agency

BeezTrip is an online flight booking service that allows users to pay for flights with crypto.

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