I wanted to circle back and share some of the latest updates regarding Brickken. I'm truly impressed by their unwavering commitment to both the community and the overall success of their initiatives.

As introduction: Tokenization encompasses pretty much every asset and security. While tokenization relating to institutions might entail more tokenization of REPO's and inter-bank asset... More


#Micro Review

I have been in contact with the team itself for my lithium tokenization project. I know that Brickken has a track record of being involved in the industry for more than 3 years and their service looks pretty interesting in terms of facilitating anyone to launch a security token. The team is actively working and they know what they are doing.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in the competition... More



I think Brickken is trying to solve an important problem and it has some unique aspects, but it also has a lot of competition.

From what I understand,

  • Brickken allows you to sell compliant security tokens to investors after passing their KYB.
  • You can also create tokens on the platform, but you can only sell them to investors after you've made them compliant, which you have to do on your... More


Overall pretty bearish on Brickken and most tokenization platforms at this stage. Simply too early and going to be difficult to get legitimate institutional adoption. Today's companies will run out of cash, the real winners have likely not been born yet and will be investable opportunities in 3-5 years. Broad thoughts on Brickken and the space below:

The tokenization market is still in its... More



Launching a security token is a regulated activity. In the US and many other jurisdictions the rules are available from the market authorities. Brickken targets the companies that aim to raise less than $5M, even though they don't specifically mention it, their technology is built around self-distribution in a non-custodial way which is different from Tokeny, or Securitize.

In the US, the rules... More



The Brickken team is highly active on both Telegram and Discord. CEO Edwin Mata frequently hosts and attends AMA sessions, as well as participates in events to showcase the possibilities of tokenization and the security layers. Their success has led to several awards and a sold-out stage for the community sale and presale stage 1. Stage 2 is currently almost sold out, with over 90% of tokens... More



Review revised from 2 stars to 4 stars after being part of an AMA with the CEO.

Tokens that are bought:

  1. 25M of community sale ([raised $2M at $0.08] obtained from discussing with their CEO
  2. 26.5M of strategic sale ($2.65M raise at $0.10) I think not all of it is filled yet, they are reserving some for future partnership unless I'm mistaken.
  3. 6M of public 1 aimed at raising $660K at... More

#Micro Review

Completely revised my review after a constructive AMA with the founder.

A huge issue is that their website doesn't clearly explain their product. It makes you feel like you can easily create compliant security tokens and sell them to investors. Which you cannot.

You can a) create a token that's compliant on your own and then offer it to investors on the platform, after passing KYB.

b) Create... More



Brickken, a start-up focused on simplifying the process of security token offerings (STOs), has announced plans for the initial coin distribution (ICD) of its BKN token. There's a initial limit of 150 million BKN, with 8% or 12 million tokens being deposited in tranches into the Uniswap pool to ensure the stability of the token. It's an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network.

The initial open... More



Brickken's team has an extremely rich history of experience that is no doubt credible to anyone looking to adopt their product, or to undergo real world tokenisation.

One of the co-founders, CEO Edwin Mata, is firstly a Lawyer and secondly a KOL of Blockchain, being a Lecturer regarding Blockchain modules. Both experiences of understanding the law and of blockchain allows the comprehension of... More

#Micro Review

I personally feel that Brickken will be one of the few companies who will not get rekt in the fallout from the US government’s Operation Choke Point 2.0 crackdown on crypto. Reasons being: 1/ The asset tokenization space and Security Token Offerings (STOs) present one of the top crypto use cases and opportunities for governments. 2/ STOs launched and managed via the Brickken platform are... More


Brickken uses a decentralized application (dApp) that is built on a microservices architecture to enable easy maintenance and upgradeability. It offers a tokenization service that doesn't require a dashboard, and its KYC solution connects to the existing Lambdas system. The smart contract includes an ERC20 token contract and a factory contract that creates two other smart contracts.

One of the... More

#Micro Review

Brickken is creating a dApp which provides the tools needed for companies and individuals to bring their assets on-chain and self-fund themselves via Security Token Offerings.

Their platform aims to serve two distinct user groups on two conjoined fronts:

  1. Offering businesses/startups a decentralized way to raise funds by issuing security tokens.
  2. Offering investors of all types the ability... More


I'm being generous with 3 stars, as it almost falls into the 2 stars category for me. The problem with the current website is that it makes it seem like you can easily create and sell security tokens on the platform, which you cannot. You can either create your own security token and list it on the platform after passing vigorous KYB, or create a token on the platform and then hire legal experts... More


Brickken hosts monthly poker tournaments on PokerStars, where players can earn BKN tokens. However, given that PokerStars has restrictions on playing in many countries, it may be better to consider an alternative platform for these tournaments.

In addition to playing poker, users can also earn BKN tokens through the referral program, where they receive 5% of every purchase made by a referred... More



In my previous reviews of Brickken, I have highlighted the impressive capabilities and pre-launch popularity of the platform. Brickken has already tokenized approximately 18 companies with more to come. This also provides extra liquidity. Brickken has a vested launch strategy, which is likely to result in a steady market trend without any pump and dump schemes. Moreover, the investors... More


Brickken has built a loyal community over the years with more than 10k members on Discord, 16k members on Telegram, and over 50k followers on Twitter.

In my experience, Brickken is very responsive to questions on Telegram, and they share all the important news on their Twitter. Their YouTube channel also contains helpful videos about the usage and possibilities of their services.

Brickken is... More


Brickken's Token Suite is a platform that allows users to easily create, sell, and manage their digital assets. The platform is user-friendly and does not require any code knowledge, making it easy for anyone to use.

One of the main advantages of the Token Suite is its streamlined token creation process. This process includes compliance tools that can help ensure token sales are launched in a... More

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"Brickken is a decentralized protocol whose objective is to bring companies’ capital on-chain, through the tokenization process

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