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Centrifuge’s technology operation encompasses a series of steps, including off-chain auditing, Know Your Customer processes, the establishment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), and on-chain creation of liquidity pools to facilitate lending and investment activities. More

Centrifuge can be likened to a simulation of the credit lending processes found in traditional finance. More

Currently, I would not consider purchasing this token based on my analysis of its Tokenomics. More

At this stage, nearly 80% of the tokens are in circulation, with approximately 35% of the total supply for the team and advisors. More

On the positive side, they have a lot of followers on social media and they have a decent use case. More

I anticipate a significant surge in demand when the bull market in DeFi takes off, and Centrifuge stands out as a platform for on-chain credit. More

Connecting Defi to the real-world

Centrifuge is another Defi project that seeks to bridge assests into Defi. More

Centrifuge is a VC-backed RWA polkadot parachain, being the #2 Defi lender, with over 800k of TVL, as a Market Thesis, Blockchain infrastructure to RWAs are a trending VC topic and it's the momentum is perfect, a bearmarket with a blossoming regulatory framework being consolidated worldwide. More

Centrifuge is a decentralized protocol for financing real-world assets on the blockchain. More

Centrifuge is an Blockchain that's going to make it possible to add or create NFTs from real world assets as well as use real world assets for Blockchain related services. More

Their idea is not unique and would deserve a 3. It's just tokenization with no apparent special technology. More

Social Media: Not great, but they have some community activity on Discord. They also have Twitter and Telegraph, but twitter has near 0 engagement and Telegraph doesn't allow you to post. More

It's between 4 and 5 stars for me. I gave it 5 stars because they're running and you can see that they've onboarded real world assets from some serious businesses. More

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