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The founding team of Chainge is indeed stellar

A solid Chinese team with a laser focus on tech and development. Show More

Imagine being able to swap your USDT from BSC to ETH and then to Solana or Elrond within one mobile Application? Show More


They clearly have a nice designer and they have lots of flashy videos on YouTube. But the website feels broken. Show More

Chainge has performed well over the last 3 months, gaining ~25% over the period. Please see below rationale for why the token still represents an attractive investment opportunity: Show More


Being able to swap your stable coins across various chains within simple app makes this project sound quite interesting removing the complexity of using multiple apps/platforms, especially for new adopters. Show More

A solid team behind CHNG. They have around 20 people on the team.

Founder and CEO is DJ Qian who also happens to be founder of

  1. Show More

It is layer 3 application on top on layer 1(Eth, Solana etc) and layer 2(Polygon, Arbitrum etc). Show More


It has a solid tokenomics that was launched fairly (No ICO or VC) with only 12% of the total tokens to be released through platform usages rewards. Show More

I will DCA it at $0.08 which makes it at 35M current and 50M fully diluted market Cap.

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