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Dynex is a decentralized Neuromorphic computing network platform that uses Prof of Useful work mining algorithm (DynexSolve) to provide users(Organizations) computational time to solve AI problems. Show More


Most of the tech on their homepage makes a lot of sense.

Proof of Useable Work seems like a reasonable way to pay for use of a computer. Show More

Dynex has a team of around 25 people. They all are anonymous. Although they said on discord that they will reveal themselves in the future. Show More


It is self funded by the team. It is proof of work. So all the coins needs to be mined. No ICO, team or VCs tokens to dump on you. Show More


The tokenomics look solid.

No premine and 100% public allocation, as it should be. The fact that their blockchain is a level 1 solution is also a big plus. Show More


Edit - I'm adjusting my review from 2 stars to 3 because they've heavily improved their website since I've written my last review and they've also released a couple of AMAs (although the AMA is conducted by 1 interviewer from their own team.. Show More


As of Feb 2023, there hasn't been any marketing done. They plan to launch their first marketing campaign with an agency in March 2023. Show More


As of Feb 2023, below is the number of people engaging with this project.

Telegram: 3,000 Twitter: Show More

For me it is a small buy in my portfolio given the potential and how transformative this project could be. Show More

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