Entangle NGL

Interoperable Protocol Layer

Entangle is an interoperable protocol layer powering native and external applications.

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A lot of protocols coming up almost every day but i have been able to spot out this amazing project - Entangle. More

The website and project are top notch. +5 stars


I wish I could see the vesting schedule and pre-sale data. More

There are so many chains and layers vying for dominance in the crypto space, all with their own competing liquidity. More

I see some financial concerns being solved with Entangle's DeFi solutions. I look forward to their Synthetic Vaults, which enable access to liquid locating assets on any chain from any chain with a single click. More

Entangle is a Cosmos SDK-powered Layer 1 that provides utility to liquidity through cross-chain connection and interoperability needs. More

Entangle, in my opinion, have a very solid team working for them with a good mixture of skills gained from tradfi, coding, development, software engineering, defi and gamefi. More

Entangle seeks to address a critical pain point in DeFi: the fragmentation that makes decentralized finance challenging for mainstream users, especially newcomers. More

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