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Finblox aims to be a crypto superapp with gamified features built within a secure and compliant platform

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  • 2.2B tokens were sold in private round (sequoia capital, etc.) fully vested by month 28 (a little over 2 years) raised $3.9M: Show More

Finblox consists of two core team members as well as a team of around 60 additional team members. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Overall, while there are some potential advantages such as recent listing and the potential for future growth, the token also faces challenges such as low market cap, price volatility, and limited trading volume. Show More


Big ideas require big bucks, lots of planning and well designed execution, when i look at finblox i seem to have mixed feelings. Show More


The marketing for Finblox seems to aimed at newbie traders / gamblers rather than serious investing/trading professionals. Show More


More and more WEB 3 companies are developing one stop solutions making it easier for their target audiences to tap into the promiseland of cryptoverse. Show More


VCs invest in teams, not ideas, great teams make things happen, any silly idea in the hands of great teams is destined to skyrocket, the recent case with pepe memcoin is an obvious example. Show More

Since the fall out of FTX simply entrusting funds to third party platforms despite promising insurances including FireBlocks, thus giving birth one of the most iconic statements. Show More

First and foremost, what really captivated my attention to this project is that Finblox offers passive rewards through daily compounding interest and users may even earn stablecoins or other assets paid for them daily. Show More

I only looked at the website quickly. Here's my impression after 5 minutes:

It looks targetted at gamblers more than traders. Show More

Finblox is an investment platform that specializes in helping users earn extra passive income on their crypto holdings, by holding crypto in Finblox accounts to generate interest on deposited crypto funds. Show More


Token Info:

  • Ticker: FBX
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Token Standard: ERC-20

Token Distribution:

  • Private round: 25%
  • Eco... Show More

Finblox is a cryptoplatform that enables users to buy, earn, spend and game. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both novice and experienced users. Show More

In summary, I feel a concept like this is not unique. High rewards and a own token (FBX in this case) can be used to increase your rewards or as a currency to reduce gas fees. Show More

I want to put FinBlox in the spotlight for several reasons. 1. it is a project backed by serious investors and has a solid Fintech team behind it 2. Show More

This project is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is targeting "idiot gamblers." The team has raised $3.9 million in a private round, and is now selling 500 million tokens in a public round at $0.007 per token. Show More

Finblox, aspiring to be a gamified crypto superapp, presents an interesting yet intricate investment landscape and seems like a web3 inspired version of Roblox. Show More

This project seems like it's trying to be too many things at once. That rarely works.

Yes, it does have some big name investors like Sequoia. Show More


My analysis of their media channels reveals significant growth, with high levels of engagement. Show More


I don't know what Finblox did in the last 9 days, but they have significantly increased their numbers. Show More

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