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Overall, $GNS token design is one of the best in the current state of the market. I bet on such types of token economy in terms of sustainability and win-win for different participants(at least theoretically) First of all, the full token mechanism is not as basic as others, so I highly recommend reading this deep dive into $GNS for experienced investors: More

Gains Network is a decentralized derivatives trading platform built on the Polygon network, with the capability to expand to other blockchain networks. More

There is one thing about this project that seems confusing. What's the reason for the team to stay anonymous, even after the current success of a project? More

NO Sign Up Required + 150X Leverage!

This is my favorite FIVE Star decentralized trading platform and one of the GEMs in my portfolio! More

I'm a big fan of these trading platforms that allow you to trade with high leverage and no KYC. More

Lots of room for improvement...

I give Gains community 3 stars.

There is certainly room for improvement in the Gains community. More

Great DEX for traders, allow shorting with leverage some big bad crypto projects which I love doing. More

gtrade is the first product developed by Gains Network, which is a decentralized synthetic leveraged trading platform built on Polygon/Arbitrum. More

Taking a look at the $GNS price feels like trying to jump on a running train!

(Updated: Feb 21, 2023)


Gains Network looks really exciting. They're new and their website is easy to understand and to the point. More

Decentralized trading platform with the highest leverage and pair offering. No sign up required. More

  • Telegram is super active with very genuine discussions.
  • Twitter is pretty dead, but one very nice post about not being VC funded stood out to me. More

Pretty clear 5 stars for me. The only downside is maybe that they don't have a video.

Positive: More

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