I've been actively searching for projects involving wearables, and I have high standards. After conducting research, here are my findings:

Firstly, the initial step requires inputting basic information to create an account. I attempted to log in via mobile, which I consider a crucial test, and... More


An interesting project with a clear idea in a growing market. As AR technology improves, this solution to simplify the external appearance of avatars will find a demand not just in the gaming segment but also among retailers selling clothing.

I'd rate this project 4 out of 5 because it offers a... More

A skin generator for your avatar in a metaverse or to wear in AR (like a snapchat filter) The generator allows you to select a wide variation of kind of assets and types, you can set colours, materials, and add extra prints on top of them, anyone should be able to create a skin in 10 mins.

There... More


Digital Outfit Design Platform

GN3RA is an interoperable digital outfit design platform, where anyone can customize digital outfits without tech or fashion skills and wear them immediately in AR and on AVATARS in social platforms and games

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