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Haven Protocol essentially originates from a fork of Monero. What sets it apart is its capacity to generate private coins representing both stable and volatile assets. Show More

This is a really cool project with a lot of things going for it.

Haven is built on Monero and has many similar characteristics. Show More

To continue the progress check in my older reviews, i get back to one of my oldest privacy coins passion XHV... Show More

The privacy thesis is great, anyone wants to be targeted from being wealthy and want to keep it's transactions anonymouse. Show More

Haven Protocol is a privacy cryptocurrency that lets users convert from volatile assets to stable, pegged assets for financial privacy. Show More


While Haven Protocol is often referred to as a fork of Monero, a more precise term might be to describe it as a Monero clone. Show More

Another concern about Haven protocol is the amount of user assets in the protocol that can't be taken out due to the xUSD being ~0,14USDT. Show More

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