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I just read their roadmap for 2023, released in December 2022 and updated 2 days ago in May 02 2023, and the end result is me lacking any trust. Show More


The website lacks information about the team, but I found through Google that CoinAlpha is the company behind Hummingbot. Show More


Over 2/3 of the $HBOT supply are distributed and held by the CoinAlpha Investors, Team and Foundation Team combined. Show More

Hummingbot is an open-source software platform that allows users to create and execute customized trading strategies for digital assets using trading bots. Show More

In short, no

  • The project that was founded in 2017 has seen limited success after six years. Despite announcing a 8 million dollar fund in 2021, the team hasn't seen much growth and appears to be mainly composed of members from Alpha Capital. Show More

The idea behind Hummingbot is to provide a customizable and user-friendly open-source trading bot for various cryptocurrency exchanges. Show More

I put hummingbot in the spotlight because the project needs to be known for web3 founders, and traders. Show More

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