IvendPay is an innovative payment system designed for accepting cryptocurrency through various channels, including POS machines, vending machines and API integration. They've laid a solid foundation for their launch, boasting over 300 active merchants across seven different countries and supporting... More


I give this product a solid 5 stars.

1)Concept: One of the most significant challenges for mass adoption in crypto is simplifying cryptocurrency payments. Projects in this domain are among the most crucial initiatives. 2)Execution: An intuitive dashboard, the ability to issue receipts, and... More


Ivendpay improved a lot since we reviewed them last April.. The website is top notch, the deck is easy to understand even reading just the headers and it gives you all the infos you need.

Convenient payment solutions are very important for crypto. We've been looking for a solution to facilitate... More


Aspects that are to be appreciated: Experie­nce hassle-free­ and secure cryptocurrency payme­nts with ivendPay. This innovative solution allows merchants to se­amlessly accept payments in various cryptocurre­ncies, eliminating the need for customers to worry about exchange rates or additional fees.... More


Great project Overall, it is KYC/AML compliant, there is some community. #Partners 5/5 Tether, Gate, Avax, Binance and other partners and integrations are great step to make the user experience even better. Pre-confirmed listings also are great, but the 3.33% public sale only is no good. #Marketing... More



Crypto Gateway

ivendPay connects merchants and customers. Businesses accepting crypto payments are reaping the benefits

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