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There are many decentralized file storage protocol on Ethereum, but Jackal is the only one available on the Cosmos ecosystem.

DeStorage is a critical piece of puzzle to Decentralized AI (DeAI), and as new AI application are released, I believe this narrative will be growing faster than many other segment of the market. Show More

This is a new project and it has a ton of merits. Most of what they are saying makes sense. Show More

At a marketcap of sub $30 million, being a project which clearly has a lot of real world use cases in many relevant industries, and it also has some great competitive edges when compared to some of its competitors on other chains, I believe one could definitely consider Jackel as being a project which is undervalued in the market right now. Show More

JACKAL aims to be the cloud storage provider of the Inter-blockchain communication protocol. Show More


The Jackal Protocol unfolds a strategic master plan to craft a purpose-built blockchain and data storage powerhouse, finely tuned for the task at hand: Show More

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