One of the few projects that has a deep base of quantitative research and tech stack + real potential utilization. (2023-2024+ - ZKP narrative).

If DeFi protocols are gaining momentum in ZK rollups, Keom Protocol can be a pioneer in the new upcoming Polygon paradigm - rollups based on... More


Did a review on Keom Protocol and here is what i can say about it

Keom Protocol is a zk-based DeFi protocol building the first on-chain order book on the upcoming Polygon Miden zk-STARK. It aims to address the scalability and privacy challenges of current DeFi protocols by providing a... More


The bottom line is...more information is needed to determine the value of this platform.

First off, I like that they are using zk technology and that they are on Polygon. Even though this is a Level 2 solution, the lower fees and more private architecture are certainly a plus. I like the fact... More


Keom is coming for the DEX market with a well thought out plan. Who is the CEO?

For once, the tokenomics doesn't repulse me, whoever made the pitch deck has great knowledge of the industry. This will require deep pockets to gain market shares, which is why I find it very important to find out who's the CEO?

I have no suggestions of improvements, all I can say is I'd be open to partner in order to make this DEX the first to bring Flatcoins to the market.

Keom Protocol

DeFi Protocol

Keom is a zk-based DeFi protocol building the first on-chain order book on the upcoming Polygon Miden zk-STARK.

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