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Love the disruptive and bold idea!!

I do find that the brand messaging/story isn't bold enough compared to the idea. Show More

Decentralized Courts. I really like the idea. Simple & powerful. It's fantastic to have a place where you can easily settle disputes without having to go to actual courts. Show More


Federico Ast is a Ph.D, educator and active contributor, and even better, he is a founder of Kleros who connects everyone and gets a job done. Show More


First and foremost project is endorsed by Vitalik Buterin and team uses this card proudly validating their importance, product market fit and market domination. Show More

What is Justice, who defines it and how do we practise it?

Tough, difficult, and daunting question that has many answers and controversies depending on the angle that we look and the society in which we live. Show More

There are a lot of questions with this project...

  1. How are jury members selected for each case? Show More

They have all the components to be 5 stars because all the data is available somewhere, but the execution is not great - You have to search for stuff in all corners. Show More


Telegram: Decent size and activity. Lots of people still joining. Genuine discussions. Discord: Small daily activity. Pe... Show More

Justice as a service.

You can plug them into your platform to solve disputes. People can sign up as jurors to rule on cases powered by game theory and other technologies. Show More

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