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Marginly is a smart contract-based margin trading & derivatives application that allows users to take up to 20x leveraged long and short positions on... More

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Marginly is a super promising project created by a team from EQLAB which describes itself as "a software engineering house specializing in permissionless applications that serve the decentralized Web for more transparent and effective markets."

Operating predominantly as a margin trading & derivatives app, Marginly allows users to take up to 20x leveraged long and short positions across different DEXe's such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve and Balancer, with, it seems, more to come in the future. Show More

I like this project. However, there are a few aspects of short positions that I don't quite understand. Show More

Marginally is an impressively well-conceived project which is providing pick axes to DEXs for the current DEX perpetual contracts, margin and spot trading gold rush that is ongoing. Show More

Marginly offers leverage to trade on various DEX such as Uniswap which I feel will be highly popular. I wish they had grid bots trading as well, I'd be a customer right away. Show More

I’m genuinely impressed with Marginly. A trading platform that stands out for its smart contract capabilities and the option of up to 20x leverage on crypto-assets. Show More

I'm not a fan of this app. First, they do not allow connections via VPN. Huge fail there. Anyone who knows anything about crypto will use a VPN and blocking those connections will not help with user acquisition. Show More

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