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Hi everybody. I'm back from a busy week and cant wait to share my strong belief that this token will continue to increase in value. Show More


When this exchange token got brought up in the spotlight and I looked at its chart and immediately put it into my favourites tab in Tradingview. Show More


The MX Token project has an initial supply of 1 billion tokens, which has been reduced through a buyback and burn mechanism over 38 cycles. Show More

IMX token has shown a lot of strength this year and is back at its 2021 bull run highs. This has been due to the exchange’s raise in a number of key metrics - weekly visits, volume and users. Show More

MX is the native token of the MEXC platform. MX has a total supply of One Billion tokens ( 1,000,000,000 ) On the platform, 40% of the profits on MEXC will be used to buy back and burn the MX tokens. Show More


After doing some research on the community of MEXC it is easy to see why this exchange and their token is starting to take off in terms of traction and volume. Show More


Even with a list over 500 employees on Linkedin it was tricky to find members of the core leadership team aside from the CEO and CMO. Show More

I think a CEX should do better due diligence on which tokens they list. MEXC seems to have the policy of 'more is better.'

Show More

After Bybit announced the requirements of KYC for deposits, many traders/investors have been looking to scramble for a new CEX to deposit funds and trade as Binance has also been under much scrutiny from regulators. Show More

Investor: What's the use of the MX token? MEXC: Hodl it like you've never hodl before <3. Investor: Why? MEXC: Read this... Show More

There have been numerous reviews of protocols and Daaps, but we have yet to see any mention of a Centralized Exchange token. Show More

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