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Nodle connects devices and sensors in the physical world to the internet by leveraging an existing infrastructure: smartphones.


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This project has a solid use case. It runs on Polkadot and essentially creates a mesh network with other smartphones, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Show More

It's a DePIN project that has immense potential for growth, with over 50% of the IoT+Blockchain devices (more than Helium) it only has a market cap of 32 million📈💡

What is Nodle ?

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Imagine a world where your smart fridge talks to your washing machine without needing Facebook to eavesdrop. Show More


The Tokenomics

Seems fair, as most of the rewards goes to Nodes(Miners) and the issuance's peak will be in 2028. ->The downside is that the price pressure will be very strong and the other flaw here is the assumption that in 2028 the Network will be at it's fullest, with NODL being a top IoT platform that is widely used and its token needed by many. Show More


This is a 'hands on tech' review. 📱

NODLE tech is interesting, while your BT is available for the network, you get rewarded.💸 The App is simple to use and has a web2-like approach. Show More

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