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#On-Chain Activity

The project lacks substantial on-chain activity, as evidenced by the daily transaction volume that shows a spike before a planned airdrop and a sharp decline after the drop. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

In recent times, both the Optimism network and its native OP token have been witnessing a surge in activity and popularity. Show More


They have successfully joined the trend of developing superchain infrastructure, creating a convenient environment where developers can quickly create their own blockchains with a unified and seamless interaction protocol for users. Show More


To be honest, I believe this project might be underrated. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation when they conducted an airdrop a while back, and it had people feeling hopeful and optimistic about its future (pun intended). Show More

#On-Chain Activity

The Total Value Locked (TVL) is a crucial metric in the DeFi landscape, and a TVL of over $800 million for Optimism is indicative of a significant user adoption. Show More

At first Optimism comes across very strong with a great looking website and a strong message. Show More


Between 4-5 stars. They have a super active Discord. Slightly above average Twitter and no Telegram.


I'd give them 3 stars on marketing because it's quite confusing copy. But I'm giving 4 because of the transactions chart that's going up heavily. Show More

Optimism is an optimistic Ethereum rollup DAO. There's no whitepaper, so it's quite hard to understand what makes them special but there's a blog post that gives you a good idea. Show More

Ethereum scaling solution. It's very new and looks like a very big project that already has hundreds of apps on it. Show More

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