Phaver’s Community: Star Rating: 4.5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Phaver isn’t just riding the wave of decentralisation; it’s carving its own path with their community Web3 social interaction. Lets take a closer look at the vibrant community propelling Phaver into greatness.

Community Engagement (5 ✨): With a massive... More


After conducting thorough research, it is evident that their progress is exceptionally impressive, even in the current bear market.

  • In less than a month since its launch, the app's reputation points system, known as Phaser Cred Points, has garnered significant traction, with users connecting... More

For this community review, I'd like to take a different approach by sharing some engagement statistics. It began well, but then...

App Let's begin with their app, which allows you to create your own network and is available on both Android and the App Store. It has a low entry barrier and is... More


What is HOT this week? For me it is SocialFi after Binance feed is upgraded to Binance Square. Many projects are joining the race to create a comprehensive socialFi platform that can thrive during the next bullrun, following the success of Steem in 2017. However, in this post, we will not be... More


In this review, I thoroughly examined their whitepaper, which mentions a total of 28 team members. I would rate them with 4 stars, primarily because it would enhance their professionalism if all team members were either fully identified or at least had high-quality profile photos. Some positions... More


This project (and all social graph projects) decreases privacy. Here's why...

So most social networks require you to rebuild your network from scratch when you join the platform. That usually involves adding your friends from your address book, or adding them manually on the platform.

Now a... More


After reading the whitepaper, what I appreciate most about their tokenomics is the combination of a cliff and vesting structure. It's designed for the long term, which should instill confidence in investors.

On the flip side, the allocation to the team is quite high at over 18%, advisors receive... More


Phaver is a mobile Web3 social app that allows easy onboarding without needing a crypto wallet initially. It builds on decentralized social protocols like Lens and CyberConnect.

Users can connect a blockchain profile to access full Web3 functionality - posting on-chain, owning their social graph,... More


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Phaver isn't merely dipping its toes into e-commerce—it's orchestrating a deep dive, blending shopping with social networking. Buzz across various platforms like Reddit brings attention to their unique offerings: live auctions, user-led product reviews, and a... More


I checked their team, and I was pleasantly surprised because most of them have unique experience at prominent companies such as Goldman Sachs, Alibaba, and Google. Their C-level executives are exceptionally accomplished, with rich and diverse backgrounds. In the Development Department, there are... More


Phaver makes it easier for regular folks to get into crypto, which can be pretty intimidating. This project is good!

Phaver is a new social media platform that cares about your data. Unlike other sites, it lets you control your information. You can play games on Phaver, and if you make cool stuff, they give you points you can trade for other things. Lots of people use it, and they have lots of cool digital collectibles.

I give it 4 stars as they value privacy, the sentiment around the project is good, and I like their approach.


The in-platform tokenization interactions looks round, the token-to-boost and sponsored boosts along with additional creates a beneficial social and "financial" activity enhancers. I'll look deeply to check if this aspect connects with the out-platform tokenimics.

With decentralized social protocols, such as Lens Protocol, anyone can create a decentralized social network profile, retain ownership of their social images and content, and move between various apps and social media platforms. Unlike Web2 social networks, where data is segregated in one... More

Phaver Phaver

Web3 Social app and ecosystem

Phaver is a Web3 social app purpose-built for the permissionless and non-custodial ecosystem within the next-gen internet. It supports decentralized social graphs such as Aave's Lens protocol and CyberConnect as well as various other on-chain assets.

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