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PinkSale is a good idea, gone bad. I used to dabble into PinkSale launches on Binance a couple years ago after witnessing the gains of users who bought the Safemoon presale on DxSale (the launchpad platform PinkSale forked). Show More

I came here to share my negative experience with Pinksale.

Anyone possessing a token can register and conduct a sale on Pinksale. Show More

While I acknowledge that Pinksale serves as a convenient one-stop solution for crypto startups, offering a user-friendly platform and a very straightforward process, which I've explored myself when I was evaluating the idea of launching a token at one point. Show More

One stop solution for crypto startups.

The Pink ecosystem is a well-positioned and developed platform that has experienced a successful $1 billion rise for more than 20,000 projects, attracting millions of investors on a monthly basis and counting... Show More


Pink, it was love at first sight? The degens are on fire. Or are they bots? Yes, Vietnamese bots that acts as a noise, mimics charm, or maybe pink is their favourite colour? Show More


The tokenomics are great, but is there any usage in PINKSALE token? They need to take better care of their little treasure to make people come! Show More

The Pink is for Sale.. are you feeling lucky? 🍀 Well, I gotta tell you that this pinky digital space make people happy, unfortunately your odds are low, so get your lipstick back in its case, Romeo. Show More


Pinks quite obvious that project has more potential in the future in terms of its price growth. Show More

As similarweb shows it has plenty of traffic, multiple shitty tokens are created there daily and it's the go-to platform to most of rookie, shady and newbie TGs crypto groups,. Show More

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