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Travel is an essential component for anyone who wants to get plugged into the globalization, benefit from a digital nomadic lifestyle, enjoy travelling, and simply experience the world. Show More


Remember my last post when i said i was coming back to the Travala community, yes i am back! Show More

Travala appears to be a reputable and comprehensive travel booking platform that offers a unique feature of accepting over 90 cryptocurrencies as payment. Show More

Hotel? Travala.

Never heard of Travala, but it has a 4.7-star rating from 2,068 Trust Pilot reviews. Show More


I have been using the service for two weeks now and enjoying the experience which naturally got me curious about the team. Show More



Since its inception back in 2017 Travala evolved into an ecosystem and did a good job of keeping its users motivated and deeply engaged in the project. Show More


Given the traction and potential of the project i was slightly surprised to see digits and lack of engagement with travala (app) users that deeply benefit from its ecosystem. Show More


I am really impressed with the team Travala has put together to be honest. The two co-founders seem to compliment each other well. Show More

In the past, I became familiar with Travala when consulting on a project that aimed to tokenize a traditional platform and turn it into a SocialFi. Show More

I haven't actually booked anything on this platform yet, but if it works like they say it should, then this is fantastic. Show More


At present, I don't find any compelling reasons to consider Travala’s token ($AVA) as a buy. Show More

If you have been looking for the blockchain equivalent of Booking.com then here it is, Travala. Show More

Ava is a travel platform similar to Skyscanner or Kiwi.com, but includes a token that can be used for booking using their app and providing discounts, and are also rewarded with AVA for booking via cashback. Show More

Travala is the first alternative to skyscanner or kiwi.com that allowing users to book accommodations and travel experiences using various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its native token called AVA. Show More

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