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As a normy I'm pretty bullish on the team behind Truebit.

Here's why:

  1. Jason Teutsch: Show More

Jason Teautsch is the co-founder and CEO of Truebit. Jason is a mathematician and computer scientist who specializes in distributed systems security, game theory and algorithmic randomness. Show More

This project seems to have all the right ingredients for a crypto project to flourish and ‘moon’ in the next crypto bull cycle when you are looking at the project’s tokenomics, its use case and especially the credentials of the team. Show More


I've had like a 30 min discussion with chatGPT to understand how Truebit works. The way I see it, Truebit is like a computation oracle that helps scale ethereum and possibly other chains. Show More

Similar as other information, details about the individuals and team behind a project can be scarce if not altogether absent, as seems to be the case here regarding this particular effort and its two listed members. Show More


Right, I'm here to explain Truebit in the simplest way possible.

The idea of Truebit's technology enhances the capabilities of blockchain networks, most specifically the Ethereum blockchain. Show More


The idea of this project is quite cool but here is one of the most dreadful projects in terms of marketing. Show More

I've known about Truebit for a few years now and thought it was a good chance to check how things are going for them. Show More


The project is definitely being worked on in the shadows but apart from a few Medium/Github uploads (please see below), a few YouTube videos being posted here and there, and a couple of occasional tweets it is hard to truly know what has been accomplished with this project especially as it has been worked on since 2017 and their token only stealth launched in 2021. Show More


In my opinion, buying and marketing go hand-in-hand, which is why this review is somewhat of an extension of the one I wrote about marketing. Show More


The statement "price appreciation comes from usage of token. Marketing is for useless, hype-based projects. Show More


Truebit aims to solve a major problem in the Ethereum network, where computation is limited by the block gas limit. Show More


Having investigated the community surrounding Truebit, I feel like they can do with some major improvements. Show More


I strongly believe that Truebit is a promising investment due to its innovation within blockchain networks and the solid(ity) ;) team behind the project. Show More

  • The first and the most important, this project is found in 2017 which means they have 6 years of development, let have a look at the price chart (see the pic) point 1, In the 4th years, they released the token and it reach ATH immediately with high volume. Show More

Truebit is a very technical project a lot of which in the backend is very complex for someone like myself who is not a developer of any sorts to understand on a deep level. Show More


Truebit has a native utility token called TRU, which is used to incentivize participants in the Truebit ecosystem to provide their computational resources and also to participate in the verification game. Show More


This in my opinion is one of Truebit's biggest downfalls to date. Truebit is a project with so much technical potential and real world use case, however as the project is run by developers who like I've mentioned are not the most acute businessmen unfortunately. Show More


From the perspective of tokeneconomics, technology and team, the Truebit protocol appears to posses the attributes that investors would want when they are looking for a long term token to invest in. Show More


Truebit is a very promising protocol for verifying complex computations on a blockchain. It combines off chain computation with on chain verification to enable efficient and secure execution of smart contracts. Show More

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