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Truflation is a decentralized data streaming service for real world assets as well as providing that data in real time.

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Truflation aims to build a decentralized platform for inflation metrics that traditional economic institutions can rely on. Show More

Truflation comes as platform that brings uncensored accurate Real World Data. The MVP is already well established as a web2 product, now they seek to transform it into a world-class on-chain product. Show More

Will the data collected and streamed provide an edge or not? No idea unless users try it once they launch, we will see how much churn there is, at which point it will break or make the business. Show More

As a user, I understand the problem and the technology they plan to utilize to solve it. I also appreciate that this product is not solely focused on providing a Web 3.0 solution but is also usable within the Web 2.0 environment, which is a rarity among crypto projects. Show More

Trueflation has arisen at an appropriate time. Its primary goal of enhancing people's understanding of the current economic landscape + providing guidance on macroeconomics is commendable, however it seems that their platform is more focused on outputting data than helping their users to understand it. Show More

Economic data such as CPI is subject to manipulation, such as changing the parameters of spending weights and as a result, allows for under-representation that favours the reports - and the truth figures seen in real life are always not reflected. Show More

In my role as an analyst, I strongly identify with the issues that Truflation aims to address, particularly the challenges surrounding expensive and inefficient analyst hiring. Show More

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