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An institutional and retail trader entered a bar and met Unizen. Over drinks, they agreed that combining the functionalities of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges would benefit all. Show More

Unizen - Interact with all things web3.

Where have you been my whole crypto life?

I was going to just spend 20-30 mins looking it over for a micro review; that was over 3+ hours ago! Show More

Since interoperability has been a theme for the last week on Cryator I thought I would put Unizen forward as my spotlight. Show More


Sean Noga is the CEO of Unizen, a prominent figure in the blockchain industry. While he doesn't have a LinkedIn profile and information about his past career experiences is scarce, he maintains an active presence on Twitter primarily to promote Unizen rather than sharing personal details. Show More

An all-in-one platform? That sounds amazing! A CeDefi platform, so a centralized decentralized finance platform. Show More


Unizen's price action this year has been a cause for concern as it has not shown any significant strength compared to other coins in the market this year and it has majorly underperformed the market. Show More

Unizen works as an integration platform that provides incredible accessibility and interoperability - all digital assets are available on it, with over 20k digital assets available for trade and over 122 DEXes that are integrated across 7 blockchains that are supported. Show More

Unizen is an emerging blockchain project that aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated platform for trading, education, and community engagement in the cryptocurrency space. Show More


Unizen recently (May 2023) introduced their most significant platform update in a while with the unveiling of Unizen Explore v2. Show More


One area where the Unizen project seems to face big challenges is in growing and maintaining an active community. Show More

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