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Verus: An Innovative Blockchain Platform

Verus is a blockchain platform that has taken a different approach than Ethereum and other similar chains. Show More


Overall, I feel that this project lacks focus and is trying to cater to too many use cases at the same time. Show More

Being an open source project- Many contributors are not known. But the lead developer Mike Toutonghi is experienced technologist ( Show More


Verus: An Open Source Project with a Strong Community

Verus is an open source project that was created by developers, economists, and technologists who saw a problem and set out to solve it. Show More

Verus: An Innovative Blockchain Platform with Solutions to Common Problems

Verus is one of the most innovative blockchain platforms I have come across. Show More

At around 30m market cap, it is extremely cheap. I would be buying small amounts under 50 cents. Show More

I didn't end up reading their whitepaper because there's so much fluff. But from their videos they want to put together a lot of interesting stuff like zero knowledge, multiple chains and lots more. Show More

  • They have lots of products that look ready to use on their website, but only leads to "learn more" Show More

Website and marketing materials are very bland


  • Very generic messages on the webiste
  • No usable usage data. Show More

Almost no activity across Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Zero Kowledge privacy focused chain that apparently lets you create blockchains or coins in a few clicks without coding. Show More

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